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Our world

While banks and insurance companies are increasingly being confronted with the challenges of the digital transformation, new players are adopting innovative business models and establishing new rules in the process.

Finnoconsult is right at home in this world of digital transformation. We provide guidance to our customers, reveal hidden opportunities, find and discover solutions and implement them together.

Our advantage

Vast experience+ a wealth of ideas= Finnoconsult.

Our experience

Christian Berger

Photo of Christian Berger
Christian Berger has worked in banks for 25 years and brings many years of management experience in retail sales, product management, cooperation agreements and IT. Before co-founding Finnoconsult, Chris was CEO at innovation lab BeeOne in the Erste Group until 2015. The keen yachtsman and pioneer in the fintech and insurtech scene is valued as a prudent strategist, constructive sparring partner and rigorous implementation expert.

Martin Schachinger

Photo of Martin Schachinger
Martin Schachinger worked in banks and insurance companies for 15 years. Before that, he worked as an IT developer and consultant for over a decade. Martin also worked as a company rep at BeeOne before co-founding Finnoconsult. Martin is a keen entrepreneur and nature lover and runs a riding stable. He is valued as an out-of-the-box thinker with a scientific and practical background.

Our approach

New technologies and channels provide new opportunities and can help shape companies. We view financial technology as a business of ideas in a global market. As experts with an extraordinary wealth of experience, we offer innovative financial advice and assistance with implementation:

Our clients

During the few years of Finnoconsult’s existence, we have already successfully implemented numerous projects for and with our customers. Here is an excerpt from our customer portfolio.

More information on our references

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Top 20 Banks

National comparison of bank

Comparison with 2 competitors

Comparison with best performer

FinnoScore provides you with information on how your company is performing in a world of digital and mobile competition.

The FinnoScore results are based on information that is publicly available. The tangible and objective digital innovative impact of a financial service provider is assessed externally on the basis of 300 different criteria. We provide an objective and independent site assessment, free of charge and from the point of view of customers.


We explain the results to our customers in FinnoPretation workshops, reconcile the innovative potential with existing strategies and present you with concrete project proposals and immediate actions you can take to improve your bank in relation to the digital competition in a targeted manner.

Using our extensive analysis of 160 banks in Europe and North America, we are able to access the best practices of many banks and thereby clearly and rapidly delineate those areas of activity for future development with our customers.


We work with you to implement a FinnoProject in the manner of a pilot project, from the design stage all the way to the market launch of an innovation. Based on the experiences gathered from the pilot project, we provide you with a model for digital innovation and transformation that is tailored to your company. Basically, for you this means rapid and targeted improvement of efficiency by utilising lessons already learned.

FinnoPretation - service packages

We provide four service packages aimed at explaining the FinnoScore results, comparision data and best practices to you in detail and at deriving recommendations for action.

Scope & price per package
PackageReference group[1]ScopePrice
FinnoScore DOMESTICexclusively for banksrestricted to one countryEUR 6,000
FinnoScore EUROPEexclusively for banksEurope-wideEUR 8,000
FinnoScore GLOBALcross-industry
(banks, telcos, retailers, eCommerce, media, etc.)
globalEUR 12,000
FinnoScore GROUPworkshops can be individually adapted to the size of the banking groupDiscount
for 3-10 banks: 20%
for > 10 banks: 30%

1) for comparision data and best practices

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